Details of associated costs and fees

Application Fee

Non-refundable fee of $50 is used to cover the costs associated with processing and reviewing your registration.


A $500 discount towards your college tuition to any full-time students who pay their full tuition + housing fees by the early pay deadline (September 9, 2023)


A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $800 is due within 30 days of your acceptance email or immediately if you are accepted after August 1, 2023.  Your deposit will count towards your tuition costs for the academic year and helps to secure your spot on the roster.

DONATIONS (Financial Aid)

After being accepted into KDC, students will have the option to receive financial aid from their friends and family in conjunction with Flame of Fire.  More details on financial aid once students have been accepted.


KDC currently offers 3 scholarships for students. Scholarship aid covers tuition only.

Criteria: create a student account and submit a full online application (including payment of application fee); then email a 3-5 minute video sharing why you are looking to attend Kingdom Domain Bible College and how you will apply the training you will receive at Kingdom Domain Bible College.

It is our desire to set up additional financial aid in the future for students to be able to apply for. Unfortunately, we do not accept international students at this time.

Deadline for submissions:  August 12, 2023


Monthly total cost breakdown:
$400/month = housing fees
(*however if you are a Sacramento local, based on interview, you may be able to live at home, and commute to Kingdom Domain Bible College)
$400/month = tuition fees, supplies, breakfast

Installment payment plans are available – they break down tuition fees into 3 equal payments.

How to pay


As a student at Kingdom Domain Bible College, you will receive a student account on our student portal. There you can see your course work, academic year attendance by semester, and bible college tuition fees you have paid, and what you have left to pay.

How to pay


There are plenty of opportunities for students to earn money such as on campus jobs, coffee shops, and other local businesses to cover your undergraduate tuition fees and other expenses. We do not charge tuition per credit hour. Instead, we charge it by semester. You can use our payment plan option, that breaks up into 3 payment plan installments that way you do not need to pay full upfront tuition fees.

Married students are allowed and highly encouraged to be a part of the bible college. We do not accept part-time students for kingdom domain bible college and as married students, you will need to find separate housing.


For returning students, tuition fees will be different. You will not be paying per credit hour. For information regarding the net price for your tuition fees, contact the kingdom domain bible college administration.

Apply for 2nd Year

Submit an application through your student portal.

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