The Kingdom culture

“A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great.” Proverbs 18:16

Heavenly Dominion

KDC will provide that platform where many will be able to receive a personal revelation & see the plan of God for their life. Then in turn, align the rest of their life in accordance with the will of God. So that their time, talents, resources, and gifts are directed into that divine calling that God has for each person. This vision allows for countless teams, both locally and internationally to be equipped to carry the Good News, God’s truth across all the earth; as such, influencing every sphere of society. Our task is to help people see the territory of their gifting, in order for them to become influential within that territory.

What does dominion look like

To influence the 7 mountains of society – men and women of God must be equipped & empowered to step & take territory for the Kingdom in each of those aspects of society.

We are called to be industry leaders - in business, media, medicine, entertainment, religion, politics, arts, family - each aspect of society is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to arise and lead well.

There is such a need for leadership that is Kingdom focused. We truly believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is as equally intelligent as it is powerful. The leadership potential imparted into each and every person is exactly the instrument God uses to draw out His greatness in us in order to bring change to the world around us.

It is time for spiritually mature, relationally healthy, effective leaders to rise up - to take their rightful place within all aspects of our society.


Worship is a core value and an integral part of KDC.  We see worship as an avenue to usher in the presence of God.  We have seen countless occasion where students choose to go deeper to access the very heart of God during corporate worship times.

creative arts

We have such a desire for the arts to be used and used well as a tool to bring the healing power of the Father into new avenues.  We want to be able to creatively express our adoration for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We aim to train those in our community to use this expression as a prophetic declaration of His kingdom come, His will be done.  We want to send out equipped artists, musicians, photographers, actors, dancers, etc into the various spheres of society to break chains of bondage and usher in the transformation freedom of King Jesus.

FLAME OF FIRE is a Christian, para-church movement whose focus is a continual revival. We seek to equip generations to ESTABLISH the Culture of the Kingdom of God on Earth and thus TRANSFORM society. No single religion nor denomination is capable of containing the full will of God. Only the concept of the Kingdom of God is the first and original plan of God, and is capable of returning the status of the church to her true place and designation.

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