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At Kingdom Domain School of Ministry you are going to get trained & equipped to step out in the power of the Holy Spirit and focus on being the light to the world, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in every sphere of society.

The desire of our program is to become a global school of ministry, raise up sons and daughters with ministry experience and impact all spheres of society in the next generation.



Dive deep into our school of ministry life, class day, culture, academics, school administered programs and training.


Kingdom Domain school of ministry helped me grow exponentially. Everything in my life began to flourish. I began walking in beauty, joy, love, peace, and freedom. Being here opened my eyes to see Jesus even more rightly. I recommend everyone to join kingdom domain school of ministry.


Bogdan Romanov shares the story of his past life full of drugs and parties, and how a random encounter with the Jesus his life was transformed forever. Accepting his new-found relationship with Jesus meant giving up his old life.


In this video, Amber shares her incredible story of how she went from an agnostic to a dedicated follower of Jesus. She talks about the struggles she faced in life and how, she overcame them during the school of ministry.


I see more of the significance of what Jesus did on the cross. Honestly, I cannot say thank you enough to Him. He has made us heirs and sons who have full access to the Kingdom. Unbelievable! This is just the beginning. I highly recommend everyone to join kingdom domain school of ministry.


The friends I have made at Kingdom Domain School of Ministry are truly a blessing. I’m excited to see all the connections I have made here help me grow and mature in different aspects of my life. I highly recommend everyone to join kingdom domain school of ministry.


I have become someone who no longer sees our God as One that is distant and unreachable, but rather have come to know Him in such a deep and personal level. In doing so, I have also begun to discover who I am in Him, and what my role is in His Kingdom. I highly recommend everyone to join kingdom domain school of ministry.



As students, you'll be held to high academic standards in our school of ministry within the nine-month course. Our academic programs run weekly from Tuesday to Friday on our school campus located in Rancho Cordova, California. The right biblical understanding is key to a whole life.

KDC school of ministry begins in September and completes in May. You as a man or women of God, will have access to all of our resources within the ministry and local church based in Roseville, CA that will equip you as a student to higher education in theology and ministry training.

As a student of KDC school of ministry you will be able to join various programs and ministries of our local church. You will have access to our pastoral ministry leaders. As of right now, we offer a two year program.


Our culture is founded on love, empowering, integrity, ownership, confrontation, risk, supernatural power, accountability, mind of Christ, royalty, honesty, and honor.

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer loan programs, instead we offer monthly payments and a scholarship opportunity for a student. For more information, check out our page called How Much Does Bible College Cost?

Our campus is located in Rancho Cordova, California which is separate from our local church location where our weekly services are held. Our church, Flame of Fire Church is located in Roseville, California.

“Kingdom Domain College exists for sons of the kingdom to arise. they are those who are kingdom minded, full of Holy Spirit power, activated on the territory of their gift to impact and influence the world.

Andrey Shapoval
Lead Pastor

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